Fuel Injection System | Functions and Different Parts Explained

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Fuel Injection System

Fuel Injection System is the critical piece of the Compression Ignition (CI) motor.

The execution of a motor viz. control yield, economy and so on is to a great extent reliant on the fuel infusion framework.

The infusion framework needs to perform essential obligation starting and controlling the ignition procedure.

What is the difference between carburetion and fuel injection?

Obligation of both the fuel infusion framework and the carburetion framework is same i.e. to set up a burnable blend.

In carburetion framework fuel is atomized for legitimate burning with the assistance of high speed air.

Be that as it may, on account of infusion framework, fuel is atomized for burning with the assistance of speed of fuel.

Functional requirements of a fuel injection system

For fruitful running and getting great execution from an inside burning motor, the accompanying prerequisites must be met by a fuel infusion framework.

  • Exact metering of the fuel infused per cycle.
  • Right fuel infusion timing.
  • Full command over rate of fuel infusion.
  • Legitimate atomisation of the fuel.
  • Legitimate splash example to guarantee blending of air and fuel.
  • Uniform dissemination of fuel in the ignition chamber.
  • To supply square with amount of the fuel in every one of the chambers (if there should be an occurrence of multi barrel motor).
  • No slack among starting and end of infusion process.

Components of fuel injection system

A fuel infusion can include numerous parts. Some essential parts are examined here.

Fuel tank

This is the principle fuel tank where fuel is put away

Fuel feed pump

To supply fuel from principle fuel stockpiling tank to the infusion framework.

Injection pump

To meter and pressurize fuel for infusion.


To supply fuel in understanding to the heap.


To take fuel from the infusion siphon and supply it to the barrels.

Fuel filters

To channel fuel with the goal that pipe and rough particles can not enter the infusion framework . These particles can harm the infusion framework.

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