Heat Engines & Classification of Heat Engines [Internal & External Combustion]

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What is a Heat Engine?

Before proceeding onward to the warmth motors, let us initially comprehend what is a motor.

An Engine is a gadget which changes over one type of vitality into another frame.

Presently we will proceed onward to the meaning of warmth motors.

A warmth motor is a gadget changes over concoction vitality of fuel into warm vitality and use this warm vitality to perform valuable work.

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Grouping of Heat Engines

Warmth Engines can be comprehensively characterized into Internal and External Combustion Engines.

Internal Combustion Engines are the Engines in which fuel is scorched inside the barrel.

External Combustion Engines are the Engines in which fuel is scorched outside the barrel and with the assistance of working liquid, conveyed to chamber.

Both the kinds of Heat Engines can be separated into Rotary and Reciprocating each.

In Rotary Engines work is acquired from the warmth with the assistance of Rotary gadgets (e.g. Turbines).

In responding Engines warm is changed over to the work with the assistance of responding component (e.g. cylinder and barrel).

The following are some short structures given for comfort.

IC represents Internal Combustion

EC represents External Combustion

Heat Engines

IC Engines

(I) Rotary

  • Open Cycle Gas Turbine
  • Wankel Engine

(ii) Reciprocating

  • Gas Engine
  • Diesel Engine

EC Engine

(I) Reciprocating

  • Steam Engine
  • Stirling Engine

(ii) Rotary

  • Steam Turbine
  • Shut Cycle Gas Turbine

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