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What is an intercooler?

An intercooler is a mechanical gadget used to cool the admission air on motors fitted with a constrained enlistment (either a turbocharger or a supercharger) framework.

What does an intercooler do?

The intercooler’s activity is to chill off the air after it has been packed by the turbo or supercharger, however before it enters the motor.

How does an intercooler function?

Turbochargers work by packing air, expanding its thickness before it achieves the barrels of the motor. By crushing more air into every barrel, the motor can consume relatively more fuel, making more power with every blast.

This compacting procedure creates a great deal of warmth, and expands the temperature of the air entering the motor. Sadly, as air gets more sweltering, it likewise turns out to be less thick, diminishing the measure of oxygen accessible in every chamber and affecting on execution!

The intercooler attempts to balance this procedure, cooling the packed air to furnish the motor with more oxygen, and enhancing the burning in every chamber. What’s more, by managing the temperature of the air, it likewise expands the unwavering quality of the motor, by guaranteeing the air to fuel proportion in every chamber is kept up at a protected dimension.


There are two primary kinds of intercooler, which work in various ways:

  • Air to air Intercooler

An aerial intercooler is an intercooler that utilizes air to cool air. Which means the trading of warmth that happens is between the air that you have charged in your charge funnels and the air that is moving through the intercooler. Aerial intercoolers are just as proficient as the encompassing wind stream (air temperature outside) that they see. Situation of these kinds of intercoolers is in this manner imperative in the proficiency of this sort of intercooler.


  1. Requires no capacity to work and in this manner is anything but difficult to set up.
  2. Requires no fluids to work and in this manner no odds for holes .
  3. Doesn’t experience the ill effects of warmth drench as long as the intercooler is seeing great wind stream.


  1. Productivity is just in the same class as the surrounding air temperature.
  2. Productivity is just in the same class as the measure of wind stream the intercooler see’s.
  3. Can’t be mounted anyplace, since it must be mounted in an area to see wind stream.

  • Water to Air Intercooler

A Water to Air Intercooler is one where the trading of warmth happens among water and air. Water is siphoned through the intercooler with the goal that the warmth from your charge channels is exchanged to the water. This kind of set-up can be mounted anyplace, and simply needs water plumbed to it. As a result of its prerequisite for the stream of water, this sort of intercooler requires a water siphon, a supply, and a warmth exchanger for the water mounted some place that will get great wind current.


  1. Great proficiency, so the extent of the intercooler can be littler.
  2. Proficiency can be misrepresented by utilizing ice, or different synthetic concoctions to deliver regularly un-reasonable temperatures for short measures of time.
  3. Can be mounted anyplace along the charge funneling course.


  1. Requires a great deal of different accomplices to work.
  2. Since it is increasingly intricate, it normally causes greater open door for issues, similar to spills.
  3. Can progress toward becoming warmth splashed when utilized for extensive stretches of hard driving and turn out to be horrendously in-productive.

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