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Heat and Mass Transfer

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Heat and Mass Transfer

Pages: 919

1. Basic Concepts

Part-I: Heat Transfer by “Conduction”

2. “Conduction” Heat Transfer at Steady State-One Dimension, 3. Conduction Heat Transfer at Steady State-Two Dimensions and Three Dimensions, 4. Heat Conduction-Transient (Unsteady State)

Part-II: Heat Transfer by “Convection”

5. Heat Transfer by “Forced Convection”, 6. Heat Transfer by “Free Convection”, 7. Boiling and Condensation, 8. Heat Exchangers

Part-III: Heat Transfer by “Radiation”

9. Heat Transfer by Radiation

Part-IV: Mass Transfer

Part-V: Miscellaneous

11. Introduction to Hydrodynamics, 12. Dimensional Analysis, 13. Universities’ Examinations Questions (Latest-Selected) with Answers/Solutions,

14. GATE and UPSC Examinations’ Questions (Latest-Selected) with Answers/Solutions

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