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Bearing steel technology

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Bearing steel technology

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Table of contents:

Part I. Bearing Steel Steel making and Semi-Finished Product Manufacturing Technologies

1. Quantitative Relationship between Degree of Center Segregation and Large Carbide Size in Continuously Cast Bloom of

High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel

Part II. Material and Heat Treatment Design Considerations, Including Fracture Mechanics and Structural Strength, for Rolling Bearings

2. Microstructure and Fatigue Strength of the Bearing Steel 52100 after Shortened Bainitic Treatment

3. Case Depth and Static Capacity of Surface Induction-Hardened Rings

Part III. Microstructure Behaviour in Rolling Contact

4. Stress Field Evolution in a Ball Bearing Raceway Fatigue Spall

5. Sub-Surface Initiated Rolling Contact Fatigue – Influence of Non-Metallic Inclusions, Processing History, and Operating Conditions

6. Initiation Behavior of Crack Originated from Non-Metallic Inclusion in Rolling Contact Fatigue

7. Modeling the Influence of Microstructure in Rolling Contact Fatigue

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