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Advances In Mechanical Engineering Research

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Advances In Mechanical Engineering Research

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Chapter 1 Fracture Mechanics of Wood and Wood-like Reinforced Polymers 1

Chapter 2 Thulium-Based Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chapter 3 Thulium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers 91

Chapter 4 Effects of Microelements on Long Time Creep Rupture Properties
of Heat Resistant Steels 133

Chapter 5 Seismic Analysis of a Low-Cost Masonry House Using Elastomeric
Bearings and Shape Memory Alloys 165

Chapter 6 Differential Aspects of the Role of Microalloying Elements
on Microstructure of Hot Rolled Steels 189

Chapter 7 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Vacuum Investment
Casting on Heat Transfer and Part Quality of Brass 209

Chapter 8 High-Strength Titanium Base Alloys with Multiple Length-Scale
Microstructure 233

Chapter 9 Microstructures-Mechanical Properties Correlations of
Microalloyed Steels 251

Chapter 10 Performance of Masonry Stoves in Minor Earthquakes:
Experience from Scandinavia 271

Chapter 11 Reverse Engineering for Quality Control in Innovative
Manufacturing of artificial Teeth

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