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Basic Electrical Installation Work

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Basic Electrical Installation Work

Pages: 399

Table of contents:

UNIT 1 – Working effectively and safely in the electrotechnical environment 1

Chapter 1 The legal responsibilities of both employers and employees 3

Chapter 2 The occupational specialisms and individual roles within the electrotechnical industry 41

Chapter 3 Sources of technical information and communications 63

UNIT 2 – Principles of electrotechnology 77

Chapter 4 Basic electrotechnical units and theory 79

Chapter 5 Basic scientifi c concepts in electrotechnology 99

Chapter 6 Basic electrical circuits and cables 123

Chapter 7 Tools and equipment used for electrotechnical applications 139

UNIT 3 – Application of health and safety and electrical principles 151

Chapter 8 Safe systems of working 153

Chapter 9 Using technical information 181

Chapter 10 Alternating current theory and electrical machines 193

Chapter 11 Polyphase or three-phase electrical systems 221

Chapter 12 Overcurrent, short circuit and earth fault protection 233

UNIT 4 – Installation (buildings and structures) 259

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