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The Elements of Mechanical Design

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The Elements of Mechanical Design

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Part I
Elementary Rules of Mechanical Design

Create designs that are explicitly simple—keep
complexity intrinsic. 3

Keep the functions of a design independent from
one another. 4

Use exact constraints when designing structures
and mechanisms—never overconstrain a design

Plan the load path in parts, structures, and assemblies. 21

Triangulate parts and structures to make them stiffer. 25

Avoid bending stresses. Prefer tension and compression. 29

Improve designs with self-help.

Manage friction in mechanisms.

Part II
Essentials of Thought and Procedure
in Mechanical Design

Use three-dimensional solid model layouts to find
the best arrangement of parts and assemblies. 45

Invert geometry to reveal new solutions

Build prototypes of everything—but not all at once. 49

Separate strength from stiffness—and stiffness
from strength. 52

Never overlook buckling phenomena in parts and structures. 53

Analyze and test for trends and relationships. 55

Identify contingency plans to minimize risks in design

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