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Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual

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Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual

Pages: 398

It has been a few years since the first edition of this book was written. One
might point out that the amount of time between the draft of a book and the actual publishing of same may take some time.

As I read the preface to that first edition I find no major differences in what was written there.

The pipe is still round with a hole in the middle. It still has all the codes and
safety requirements of those codes. Stress is still force divided by area.

With minor exceptions what was in the first preface still holds as true.If anything some piping systems have become more complex. There are even new editions of the codes that existed then.

There are some newer codes. The technology has changed, particularly in the sense of digital analysis and complex programs to solve the old problems in newer and easier ways.

That does not change many of the essential variables. This book is not about the newer digital techniques as much as it is about the base knowledge that the reader must have an understanding to make the engineering judgment required to determine the adequacy of their analysis. The book discusses and recommends those digital approaches as deeper analysis is recognized as required.

The materials may have evolved and some techniques may have
changed. These have been reflected in this edition. In some cases we have
attempted to clarify that which may have been obscure in the earlier discussions.

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