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Handbook of Dimensional Measurement

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Handbook of Dimensional Measurement

Pages: 643


1-1 Comparison of the Responsibilities and Objectives
of the Two Branches of Dimensional Metrology

2-1 Systems of Line Graduated Measuring Instruments

3-1 Categories of Commonly Used Fixed Gages

4-1 Cross-Sectional Dimensions and Tolerances of Gage Blocks

5-1 Characteristic Applications of Indicator Instruments

6-1 Systems of Air Gages—Operational Principles of Different Circuits

7-1 Favorable Properties of Electronic Gages

8-1 Referencing for Length Measurements by Transmitted Light

9-1 Potential Applications of Optical Projectors

10-1 Examples of Geometric Conditions Measured in Angular Units

11-1 Examples of Engineering Measurements by Optical Tooling

12-1 Measuring Machines and General Characteristics 319

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13-1 Methods of Profile Measurement

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