Magneto Ignition System : Parts, Function, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Today we will talk about Magneto Ignition System. In my last post we have found out about Battery Ignition System its parts and working however the Magneto start System is totally vary from it. Magneto is an extraordinary kind of start framework with its very own electric generator to give important vitality to the start framework. It replaces all segment of battery start framework with the exception of start plug. Today we will finish learn about this framework.

Magneto Ignition System : Parts, Function, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages

Parts of Magneto Ignition System:


It is the significant piece of this sort of start framework since it is wellspring of vitality. A magneto is a little electric generator which is pivot by the motor and is equipped for create a high voltage and does not require battery as a wellspring of outer vitality. The magneto contains both essential and optional twisting hence it doesn’t require a different loop to help up the voltage required to work the start plug. There are two sorts of magneto. Initial one is known as armature pivoting type and other one is known as magnet turning type. In the primary sort, the armature turns between the stationary tycoon. Then again in second sort armature is stationary and the magnates are pivoting around armature.


Distributor is utilized in multi chamber motor to direct start in each start plug at right succession. It disperse start flood in individual start plug in right succession. There are two kinds of wholesaler. One is known as carbon brush type and the other one is hole type. In carbon brush type carbon brush conveyed by the rotor arm sliding over the metallic portion implanted into the wholesaler top or shaped protecting material. This makes electric association or optional twisting with start plug. In hole type wholesaler terminal of rotor arm pass near yet does not reach the merchant top. So there is no wear of anode.

Spark Plug:

A spark plug for the most part has two anodes which are isolated with one another. A high potential release move through it which produce start and touch off the burning blend in chamber. It for the most part comprise two anodes a steel shell and a separator. The focal terminal associated with the supply of start loop. It is all around protected with the external steel shell which is grounded. There is a little air hole between steel shell and focal cathode, between which start is produced. The anode generally made by high nickel amalgam so it can withstand with high temperature and consumption obstruction.


It is a straightforward electrical capacitor in which two metal plate are isolated by a protecting material with a separation. Usually air is utilized as protecting material however for specific specialized necessity some fantastic protecting material is utilized.

Working of Magneto Ignition System:

The working standard of magneto start framework is same as battery start framework with the exception of in the magneto start framework Magneto is utilized to deliver vitality aside from battery. The outline of four chamber magneto start framework is as pursue.

Magneto Ignition System : Parts, Function, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages

First when the motor begins or amid turning magneto pivot which creates a high voltage.

The start capacitor associated in parallel with contact breaker. One end of magneto winding is likewise grounded through contact breaker.

The cam controls the contact breaker. Wherever the breaker open, current streams into condenser, which charged the condenser.

As the condenser progress toward becoming charger the essential current falls and the attractive field breakdown. This will incites an a lot higher voltage in condenser.

Presently this high voltage EMF deliver start at right start plug through wholesaler.

As the motor speed is low at beginning, the current created by the magneto is very little. As the motor speed expands the stream of current likewise increments. Consequently with magneto start framework there is continually beginning issue and some of the time a different battery required for expressing. This start framework is most appropriate at fast so it is utilized in dashing vehicles, air ship motors and so on.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  1. This framework is increasingly dependable at medium and rapid.
  2. It is increasingly dependable on the grounds that no battery is utilized.
  3. It requires less every now and again support.


  1. It has beginning issue because of low turning pace at beginning.
  2. It is increasingly costly contrast with battery start framework.
  3. There is plausibility of failure to fire because of spillage since wiring convey change high voltage.

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