Working of Dual Fuel Engine ? and it’s advantages

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The dual fuel engine takes a shot at diesel cycle. As the name recommends two energies come into use.The vaporous fuel, which is the essential fuel (generally air/gaseous petrol) is first compacted and afterward, the pilot fuel(small amount of fluid fuel) is infused for the quick ignition. The aggregate working of the motor is portrayed under the working heading. Subsequently, as two energizes are being utilized for the motor power this is called double fuel motor.

The dual fuel engine is the blend of both Otto and diesel engine. Right off the bat heading off to the idea, the otto cycle is steady volume cycle and diesel cycle is consistent weight cycle. Presently, these cycles are hypothetically enough right yet by and by they wind up incredible.

For the substance response to occur amid the burning procedure, some time interim is required. Thus the ignition procedure doesn’t happen at consistent volume.

In like manner in the diesel cycle, because of uncontrolled burning, the procedure doesn’t occur at the consistent weight. In this way, a double cycle which is likewise called as restricted weight cycle is a consolidated Otto and diesel cycle.


In the double cycle, some measure of warmth is included at steady volume and some at a consistent weight. (Qs) as appeared in the graph is warm expansion.

dual fuel engine

1-2: reversible adiabatic compression

2-3: consistent volume heat addition

3-4: consistent weight heat addition

4-5: reversible adiabatic extension

5-6: consistent volume heat rejection

Working Of The Dual Fuel Engine-

The dual fuel engine chips away at pressure start guideline. At first, the air-fuel is drawn into the motor chamber which is profoundly compacted in the barrel. Subsequent stage is the start procedure. Be that as it may, this fuel (likewise called vaporous fuel) is definitely not a decent pressure start fuel. Subsequently, a little measure of diesel (called as pilot fuel) is infused, which goes about as a catalyser to the start procedure. As the fuel is touched off because of the temperature rise, the entire air-fuel blend lights and fast ignition happens. Because of this fast burning, the weight inside the chamber is expanded making the cylinder move and create motor power.

The sudden increment in the double fuel motor causes a thumping issue, which can be controlled by infusing a positive amount of diesel fuel.

One intresting reality about the double fuel motor is that the burning happens as a CI motor mold, however, the proliferation of the fire front is much the same as the SI engine. The air standard productivity for any motor is given by, the proportion of Heat added less warmth rejected to add up to warm included.

The scientific equation for the proficiency is given as,

The proficiency of the double fuel motor lies between the Otto and Diesel cycle.

At the point when the rc (cut-off proportion) is equivalent to 1, it turns into an otto motor and when the rp (weight proportion) is equivalent to 1, it turns into a diesel motor.


  • Less fuel utilization i.e., as the expense of diesel fuel is all the more changing over a motor to take a shot at air and a little measure of diesel is efficient.
  • Start fitting and start framework isn’t required.

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