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Machine Drawing

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Machine Drawing

Pages: 474

The engineer, especially a mechanical engineer, needs a thorough knowledge of the working principles of any mechanism he normally deals with.

To create interest and to motivate him in this direction, complete revision of the chapter on assembly drawings is done.

The chapter provides individual component drawings and knowing the working mechanism of a subassembly,finally the parts are assembled.

Hence, exercises/examples are included starting from simple subassemblies to moderately complex assemblies.
The chapter on part drawings provides examples of assembled drawings and the student is expected to make the part drawings after imagining the shapes of them.

A revision of this the chapter is supposed to provide the required guidance to the knowledge seeker.
The chapter on computer-aided draughting is fully revised keeping in view the present day requirements of the engineering students. The student should be trained not only to use draughting equipment but also to use a computer to produce his latest invention.

It is presumed that this chapter will provide him the required soft skills.
The centers of excellence should revise the curriculum frequently, based on the changes needed by the academic requirements. Keeping this in view, the contents of the text are updated wherever necessary and incorporated.
It is hoped that the subject content satisfies both students, teachers and paper setters.

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