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Bearing Steel Technology

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Bearing Steel Technology

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This ASTM International Special Technical Publication represents the work of numerous rolling bearing experts who presented papers at the 6th International Symposium on Bearing Steels, held in Phoenix, 8-10 May, 2001.

The almost traditional five-yearly cycle for the ASTM International bearing steel symposia resulted in the Phoenix location being selected for the third time in association with the ASTM International A1 committee week and the A1.28 subcommittee for beating steel meetings.

The remit for the subcommittee A1.28 on bearing steels is to have jurisdiction over the
standards for steels commonly used for ball and roller bearings.

Development of 5280 Rolling Bearing Steel for Improved Performance
and Productivity

Effect of Steel Making and Processing Parameters on Carbide Banding in
Commercially Produced ASTM A-295 52100 Bearing

Ultra Clean Steel for Anti-Frictlon Bearing Applications

Machinability ControI-A Topic of Great Importance to the Engineering Industry

Environmentally Friendly Bearing Steel With Reduced Hardening Distortlon

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