Why Electronic Devices Use DC Supply instead of AC Supply ?

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Why Electronic Devices Use DC Supply instead of AC Supply ?

Electronic devices use DC supply instead of AC supply because of the following reasons:

Digital Logic Gates: The basic working principle of logic gates is based on “Binary” states which is “1” (ON) and “0” (OFF).

In ICs, Microprocessors and digital computers, they need ripple free and pure DC as input signal to generate a digital binary signal (High or Low) for ON/OFF operation which is only possible with DC Supply.

This would be difficult in case of AC as it changes its direction and value multiple times in every second due to frequency. It means, the AC input signal having the ability to changes 50 or 60 times in every second will generates lots of “ON” and “OFF” signals which is harmful for the circuit operation.

Unidirectional Components: A transistor needs a DC bias, i.e. for normal operation a positive signal is applied to the base of a transistor.

DC Power Supply: A DC/DC power supply, known as DC/DC Converter, is a power supply that uses DC voltage as input instead of AC voltage.

The main purpose of DC/DC power supplies is to produce a regulated voltage output for electronic and electric devices. Unlike AC voltage, DC voltage cannot be stepped up or stepped down using a transformer.

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