What is a Trivector Meter? Where is it used?

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What is a Trivector Meter? Where is it used?

A trivector meter is a type of energy meter that can measure the active, reactive, and apparent power and energy of an electrical supply.

It can also measure the maximum demand, power factor, voltage, and current of the supply.

Trivector meters are used for commercial and industrial purposes, where accurate billing and monitoring of power consumption are required.

Trivector meters are usually connected to current and potential transformers that provide the input signals to the meter. The meter then processes the signals using a microcontroller and displays the results on a LCD screen or communicates them to a remote device¹²³.

Trivector meters are commonly used in substations and feeders, where they can measure the power flowing through the lines and help to optimize the power distribution. They are also used by large consumers of electricity, such as factories, offices, malls, etc., who need to pay for the power they use according to different tariff rates and time slots²⁴.

Trivector meters can help these consumers to reduce their electricity bills by shifting their load to off-peak hours or improving their power factor. Trivector meters can also help to detect any faults or anomalies in the supply, such as voltage fluctuations, harmonics, or power theft¹⁴.

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