Turbine Classifications

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What is Turbine?

A turbine is a mechanical gadget which removes vitality from a moving liquid and changes over it into valuable work. The turbines are essentially used to create power.

Principle Parts of a Turbine

The principle parts of a turbine are

  1. Nozzle: It manages the steam to stream structured way and speed.
  2. Runner: it is the pivoting some portion of the turbine and sharp edges are connected to the sprinter.
  3. Blades: It is that piece of the turbine on which the quick moving liquid strikes and turns the sprinter.
  4. Casing: It is the external sealed shut covering of the turbine which contains the sprinter and cutting edges. It ensures the inner parts of the turbine.

Working Principle of a Turbine

  1. A quick moving liquid (it might be water, gas, steam or wind) is made to strike on the sharp edges of the turbine.
  2. As the liquid strikes the sharp edges, it turns the sprinter. Here the vitality of the moving liquid is changed over into rotational vitality.
  3. A generator is combined with the pole of the turbine. With the revolution of the sprinter of the turbine, the pole of the generator additionally turns. The generator changes over the mechanical vitality of the sprinter into electrical vitality.

Types of Turbine

Fundamentally turbines are arranged into four kinds

  1. Water turbine
  2. Steam turbine
  3. Gas turbine
  4. Wind turbine

Here a similar working rule that is talked about above is connected to a wide range of turbine.


A turbine that separates vitality from moving water and changes over it into electrical vitality, is called water turbine or pressure driven turbine.


A Turbine which extricates vitality frame the moving steam and changes over it into electrical vitality, is called steam turbine.

Gas Turbine 

A turbine which extracts energy from the hot moving gas and converts it into electricity, is called gas turbine.


A turbine which separates vitality from the quick moving breeze and changes over it into power, is called wind turbine

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