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Troubleshooting & Repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies

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Part I Introduction to SMPS

Introduction to Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)..9

Identifying Electronic Components in Different Types of SMPS with the Help of Photos14

Block Diagram of a Typical SMPS and How It Works18

Easy Way To Understand The 11 Circuit Functions of SMPS With The Help Of Schematic Diagrams

Part II Secrets of SMPS Troubleshooting Techniques

Recommended Tools and Test Equipment For Successful SMPS Repair

Safety Guidelines109

Understand The Six Common Problems Found In SMPS

How to Easily Discharge The Main Capacitor In SMPS 122

How to Easily Perform Voltage Testing On SMPS Circuit…127

How to Use Oscilloscope to Test SMPS Circuit Waveforms.140

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