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Theory of GEARING

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Theory of GEARING

Pages: 735


Part I Synthesis

Chapter 1 Kinematics of a Gear Pair

Chapter 2 Geometry of Gear Tooth Flanks: Preliminary Discussion

Chapter 3 Geometry of Contact of Tooth Flanks of Two Gears in Mesh

Chapter 4 Concept of Synthesis of a Gear Pair with Prescribed Performance

Chapter 5 Involute Gearing

Chapter 6 Noninvolute Gearing

Chapter 7 High-Conforming Parallel-Axis Gearing

Chapter 8 Synthesis of Optimal Parallel-Axis Gearing

Part III Ideal Gearing: Intersected-axis Gearing

Chapter 9 Geometrically Accurate Intersected-Axis Gear Pairs

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