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Mechatronics 2013

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Mechatronics 2013

Pages: 881


Monitoring of Energy Flows in the Production Machines

Off- Road Vehicle with Controlled Suspension in Soft
Unprepared Terrain

The Manipulator of the Passive Optoelectronic Rangefinder
as a Controlled System of Servomechanisms

Energy Management System Algorithms for the Electric
Vehicle Applications

Virtual Commissioning of Mechatronic Systems with the
Use of Simulation

Prediction of Machining Accuracy for Vertical Lathes

Towards to Haptic Keyboard: Modeling the Piano Action

Gubanov Model for Vacuum Packed Particles

Eco-design of Mechatronic Systems

Thick Film Polymer Composites with Graphene
Nanoplatelets for Use in Printed Electronics

Safety Module for the System of Verticalization and Aiding
Motion of the Disabled

Electromagnetic Coil Gun – Construction and Basic

Generating Code Consistent with Simulink Simulation
for Aperiodic Execution on a Target Hardware Powered by
a Free RTOS

A New Approximation of the Storage Efficiency for the
Lean NOx Trap Model

Overview of Computational Models Used for Mixed

Heating of Mould in Manufacture of Artificial Leathers in
Automotive Industry

Influence of Underpressure on Acoustic Properties of
Semi-intelligent Vacuum Packed Particles

Hardware in the Loop Simulation Model of BLDC Motor
Taking Advantage of FPGA and CPU Simultaneous

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