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Introduction to AutoCAD 2010

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Introduction to AutoCAD 2010

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Part 1: 2D Design
Chapter 1: Introducing AutoCAD 2010
Chapter 2: Introducing drawing
Chapter 3: Draw tools, Object Snap and Dynamic Input

Chapter 4: Zoom, pan and templates
Chapter 5: The Modify tools
Chapter 6: Dimensions and Text
Chapter 7: Orthographic and Isometric
Chapter 8: Hatching
Chapter 10: Other types of file format
Chapter 11: Sheet sets

Part 2: 3D Design
Chapter 12: Introducing 3D modelling
Chapter 13: 3D models in viewports
Chapter 14: The modifi cation of 3D models
Chapter 15: Rendering
Chapter 16: Building drawing

Chapter 17: Three-dimensional space
Chapter 18: Editing 3D solid models
Chapter 19: Other features of 3D modelling

Part 3: Internet tools and design
Chapter 20: Internet Tools and Help
Chapter 21: Design and AutoCAD 2010

Part 4: Appendices
Appendix A: List of tools
Appendix B: Some set variables

You can download this book from the first link on website comments Like this photo

Spread The Love By Sharing This..!!

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