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HMI Siemens

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كورس ال HMI المقدم من شركة سيمنز

الكورس مكون من 20 فيديو

محتوي الكورس:

Lesson 1- Create your first WinCC TIA Portal HMI Project

Lesson 2- Use the Fixed Window Area and Template on Siemens HMI

Lesson 3 – Configure a connection between Siemens HMI and S7-1500 PLC

Lesson 4 – Working with Tags in Siemens HMI

Lesson 5 – Configure your first HMI screen with a few basic objects

Lesson 6 – Configure Appearance and Visibility Animation

Lesson 7 – Configure text that dynamically changes with a Text List based on a tag.

Lesson 8 – Configure a Pop-up screen

Lesson 9 – Configure a Slide-in screen

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Spread The Love By Sharing This..!!

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