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Flexible AC Transmission Systems FACTS

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Flexible AC Transmission Systems FACTS

Pages: 319


Describes the Newton–Raphson method and its application for solving the power-flow problem

Presents the Newton power-flow modeling of the static synchronous series compensator (SC), unified power-flow controller (UPFC), interline power-flow controller (IPFC), generalized unified power-flow controller (GUPFC), and static synchronous compensator (STATCOM), accommodating the practical device constraint limits (because of the unique modeling strategy, the existing Newton power-flow codes can be reused)

Develops a unified Newton power-flow model of AC systems incorporating multiterminal VSC-HVDC systems with pulse-width modulation (PWM) control schemes, directly yielding the VSC modulation indices from the power-flow solution

Provides numerous case studies for validation of Newton power-flow models, elaborating on the occurrences and checking of unrealistic power-flow solutions in isolated cases

Includes detailed derivations of all the difficult formulae as well as solved problems on typical VSC-based FACTS controllers

Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS): Newton Power-Flow Modeling of Voltage-Sourced Converter-Based Controllers assumes at least an undergraduate-level understanding of engineering mathematics, network analysis, electrical machines, electrical power systems, and power electronics. Thus, the book provides a valuable reference for practitioners as well as senior undergraduate and graduate students in electrical engineering and electrical power systems.

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