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Design Optimization of Fluid Machinery

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Design Optimization of Fluid Machinery

Pages: 387


This book introduces methods for design optimization and their applications to design
of fluid machinery, such as pumps, compressors, turbines, fans, and so on.

Although flow analysis in a complex flow passage is difficult and takes a lot of computing time
unlike structural analysis, design optimization based on three-dimensional flow analysis
has become popular even in the fluid machinery area in the last couple of decades with
recent developments in computing power.

Design technology of fluid machinery has
developed with the development of fluid mechanics over a long time. Thus, before computational
fluid dynamics (CFD) became practical, there were various design methods
using empirical formulas and approximate analysis. Now, fluid machinery design has
been further improved with the application of design optimization based on CFD as an
additional design procedure.

Inverse design methods, where the optimum geometry of a fluid machine is deduced
from prescribed objectives, require low computational cost but it is difficult to specify
the target flow field.Thus, design optimization, where optimumobjectives are found by
changing the design variables, has recently become popular in fluid machinery design.
This book is concerned with the design optimization method.

The design optimization
methods can be classified into gradient-based and statistical methods. Because the computing
time depends on the number of design variables, gradient-based methods are
not suitable for design problems that have a large number of design variables, except for
the adjoint method. As a statistical approach, surrogate-based optimization methods
are widely used in the design optimization of turbomachinery due to their easy implementation
and affordable computing time. Surrogate modeling of objective function(s)
largely reduces the number of objective function evaluations required for optimization,
and thus is suitable for fluid machinery design where CFD analysis takes a long computing
time. This book introduces general methods of surrogate-based optimization and
their applications to fluid machinery.


1 Introduction

2 Fluid Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics

3 Optimization Methodology

4 Optimization of Industrial Fluid Machinery

5 Optimization of Fluid Machinery for Renewable Energy Systems

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