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Design Engineer’s Handbook

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Design Engineer’s Handbook

Keith L. Richards

Student design engineers often require a “cookbook” approach to solving certain problems in mechanical engineering.

With this focus on providing simplified information that is easy to retrieve, retired mechanical design engineer Keith L. Richards has written Design Engineer’s Handbook.

This book conveys the author’s insights from his decades of experience in fields ranging from machine tools to aerospace. Sharing the vast knowledge and experience that has served him well in his own career, this book is specifically aimed at the student design engineer who has left full- or part-time academic studies and requires a handy reference handbook to use in practice.

Full of material often left out of many academic references, this book includes important in-depth coverage of key topics, such as:

Effects of fatigue and fracture in catastrophic failures

Lugs and shear pins

Helical compression springs

Thick-walled or compound cylinders

Cam and follower design

Beams and torsion

Limits and fits and gear systems

Use of Mohr’s circle in both analytical and experimental stress analysis

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Spread The Love By Sharing This..!!

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