why the cable outer sheath is black in colour?

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why the cable outer sheath is black?


The outer sheath of cables is often black for several reasons:

UV Resistance: Black color provides better protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Exposure to sunlight can degrade the material of the cable sheath over time. Black color is more resistant to UV rays compared to other colors.

Heat Dissipation: Black color absorbs more heat than lighter colors. In some cases, this can help with heat dissipation, especially in high-power cables where heat buildup can be a concern.

Aesthetics: Black is a neutral and commonly accepted color for cables. It blends well with various environments and is less likely to clash with the surroundings.

Visibility and Safety: Black cables are often easier to see in low-light conditions or against different backgrounds. This can be important for safety reasons, especially in industrial settings where cables may run along floors or walls.

While black is a common choice for cable sheaths, it’s worth noting that cables can come in different colors for specific applications or requirements. For example, red cables are sometimes used for fire alarm systems, yellow for caution or warning purposes, and so on.

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