What is an Overdrive and How it Works?

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“Top rigging dependably excites” would it say it isn’t? Going on a superfast roadway like Ahmadabad-Mumbai interstate dependably excites a car fan as we don’t need to change gears over and over , we can go straightforwardly on a best apparatus which gives us the smooth and exciting driving background so allows simply consider would it say it isn’t ‘good to beat all’? on the off chance that alongside the diverting driving knowledge we can likewise show signs of improvement mileage with least operational mileage while going on long rapid parkways, sounds great right? So today in this article we will examine about the transmission part that does that for us, so allows simply dive in.

An Overdrive is a segment of a transmission framework which is joined toward the finish of the rigging enclose request to furnish most elevated apparatus yield with least motor info which thusly makes the drive smooth and more eco-friendly.

What is an Overdrive

What is an Overdrive

It is a course of action of sun and planetary apparatus which are organized in such a form, to the point that when overdrive is empowered, it gives high pivot every moment to the yield shaft with decreased motor revolution every moment which thusly gives smooth, commotion free and high efficiency to the vehicle.

In a few vehicles like KTM Duke 390 it is said that the best or sixth apparatus is the overdrive adapt.


As we have just talked about that an overdrive is a course of action of sun and planetary riggings that works in a pre structured form to furnish a vehicle with smooth commotion free drive alongside better efficiency so allows simply see how it made?-

Over drive comprises of –


It comprises of 3 sorts of gears that are coincided together in a request to make it practical that are-

  1. Ring gear-It is a kind of apparatus which is in a state of ring having interior teeth and is in charge of transmitting the last yield through the associated yield shaft , Annulus or ring gear is an external pen of an overdrive whose inner teeth are to made to be in coincided with the planetary riggings.
  2. Sun gear Same as our nearby planetary group, a sun equip is the centermost rigging of an overdrive around which the quantity of planetary apparatuses spins toward a path guided by the ring rigging or annulus.

The external teeth of sun adapt are made to be in work with the planetary rigging and the power yield from the splined input shaft fit with the internal splines of the sun outfit is exchanged to the planetary apparatus later to the ring gear through the sun equip.

  1. Planetary gears Same as the nearby planetary group planets, planetary riggings are the quantity of apparatuses which rotate in the middle of the sun apparatus and ring gear through the teeth which are made to be in coincided with both sun and ring gear.

These planetary apparatuses are mounted or joined over a transporter through their focal hub.


  1. Input shaft-In an overdrive strong round and hollow having splines cut over its surface is utilized as an info shaft which conveys contribution from the transmission enclose to the overdrive for further direct drive or higher rpm drive.

The splines of the info shaft are made to be in consistent work with the sun rigging’s internal splines or as it were, sun adapt is mounted over the splined input shaft.

  1. Output shaft-It is a strong barrel shaft which is utilized in an overdrive and is in charge of the exchange of definite yield from the overdrive to the differential through a propeller shaft.
  2. Carrier– A bearer is a gadget utilized in overdrive, over which the planetary apparatuses are mounted, as it were a bearer as the name recommend is a help given to the planetary rigging through there hub with the goal that they can turn about their pivot and in addition can likewise spin around the sun adapt.

The transporter is itself mounted over the splined input shaft same as the sun outfit.

Working of an Overdrive

The working of an overdrive relies upon indistinguishable rule from any of the other sun and planetary or epi-cyclic apparatus course of action like programmed gearbox i.e the settling of any of the sun or planetary or annulus changes the power yield of the drive.

Overdrive in autos can be empowered or crippled utilizing any of the electrical, attractive, pneumatic activation technique through catch or handle, in first case allows simply consider both the empower and impaired cases to comprehend its working-

Overdrive Disabled – When overdrive is impaired the info shaft going through the sun outfit pivots the sun equip which thusly turns the always coincided planetary riggings and after that these planetary apparatuses pivots the annulus and direct drive (same as information shaft rpm) is acquired.

Overdrive empowered When driver empowered the overdrive, the sun outfit winds up settled which mean the annulus is presently turned by the planetary apparatuses or as it were currently the contribution from the information shaft is currently exchanged through the planetary rigging to the annulus because of which overdrive is acquired, which implies now the yield shaft pivots with the higher rpm than information shaft because of the higher decrease proportion of planetary riggings and annulus.

In this article we have found out about what is an overdrive and how it functions in a vehicle with its constructional subtleties. I trust you have increased some profitable learning from this post. In the event that you like this snippet of data than remember to like and share it on interpersonal organizations.

To comprehend the working of an overdrive in a lot simpler manner keep in mind to watch the video given underneath:

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