What Are Turbines? Types Of Turbines

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Turbines are the machines that change rotational vitality from a liquid that is grabbed by a rotor framework into usable work or vitality. Turbine is a work creating turbomachinery. A prime mover that changes over active and weight vitality of a liquid into shaft control which is then changed over into electrical vitality by the assistance of pivoting the generator with the produced shaft control.

A turbine is a turbomachine with something like one moving part called a rotor get together, which is a pole or drum with edges connected. Moving liquid follows up on the cutting edges with the goal that they move and give rotational vitality to the rotor. Early turbine models are windmills and waterwheels.


Gas, steam, and water turbines have a packaging around the sharp edges that contains and controls the working liquid. Credit for the innovation of the steam turbine is offered both to the British specialist Sir Charles Parsons (1854– 1931), for the development of the response turbine and to Swedish architect Gustaf de Laval (1845– 1913), for the creation of the drive turbine.Modern steam turbines often utilize both response and motivation in a similar unit, commonly changing the level of response and drive from the cutting edge root to its fringe.

There are numerous sorts of turbines. A turbine can be characterized by a course of streaming liquid, head at the channel of turbine and so on. These are –

According to a type of energy at inlet:

  1. Impulse turbine
  2. Reaction turbine

According to a direction of flow through runner:

1. Tangential flow turbine

2. Radial flow turbine

3. Axial flow turbine

4. Mixed flow turbine

According to head at the inlet of turbine:

1. High head turbine

2. Medium head turbine

3. Low head turbine

According to the specific speed of turbine:

1. Low specific speed turbine

2. Medium-specific speed turbine

3. High specific speed turbine

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