Understanding Engineering Mathematics

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Understanding Engineering Mathematics

Size: 8

Pages: 545


This book contains most of the material covered in a typical first year mathematics course in an engineering or science programme. It devotes Chapters 1–10 to consolidating the foundations of basic algebra, elementary functions and calculus.

Chapters 11–17 cover the range of more advanced topics that are normally treated in the first year, such as vectors and matrices, differential equations, partial differentiation and transform methods.

With widening participation in higher education, broader school curricula and the wide range of engineering programmes available, the challenges for both teachers and learners in engineering mathematics are now considerable.

As a result, a substantial part of many first-year engineering programmes is dedicated to the consolidation of the basic mathematics material covered at pre-university level.

However, individual students have widely varying backgrounds in mathematics and it is difficult for a single mathematics course to address everyone’s needs. This book is designed to help with this by covering the basics in away that enables students and teachers to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and ‘top up’ where necessary.

The structure of the book is therefore somewhat different to the conventional textbook, and ‘To the student’ provides some suggestions on how to use it.

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