Studying Engineering

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Studying Engineering a road map to a rewarding carrer

Raymond B. Landis, Dean Emeritus

Since Studying Engineering exploded onto the market in June, 1995, it has become the best selling “Introduction to Engineering” textbook of all time. Adopted by over 300 U.S. institutions, and reaching more than 40,000 students, the book has made major inroads into the “sink or swim” paradigm of engineering education. Armed with the book as a powerful tool for “student development”, large numbers of engineering programs have implemented Introduction to Engineering courses having a primary purpose of improving the academic performance and retention rates of their students. 

Table of contents:-

Keys to Success in Engineering Study

The Engineering Profession

Understanding the Teaching/Learning Process

Making the Most of How You Are Taught

Making the Learning Process Work for You

Personal Growth and Student Development

Broadening Your Education

Orientation to Engineering Education

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Spread The Love By Sharing This..!!

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