Scavenging Process: Importance, Problems, Models And Types

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Scavenging is a sort of gas trade process in which burning result of fuel expelled by blowing natural air into the barrel. The rummaging happens amid covering of valves or ports (when both delta valve and fumes valve or both exchange port and fumes port open in the meantime). This procedure is essential for the smooth running of both four-stroke and two-stroke engines. In any case, it is more earnestly to accomplish finish rummaging of the two-stroke motor. The principle strategy utilized in two-stroke is crankcase searching.

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There are mostly three sorts of rummaging strategies utilized in IC motor. In each, the outside air enters at chamber amid descending development of the cylinder, close BDC, and proceeds till fumes valve is shut amid upward development of the cylinder. The stream way of rummaging air relies upon the structure of motor valves or ports. A productive searching is critical to

guarantee adequate air supply to the burning. The more powerful rummaging framework, the better fuel burning and yield. On the off chance that the port isn’t open for enough time, rummage is fragmented, and the accompanying stroke starts with a blend of consumed gas (fumes) and crisp charge driving poor execution of the motor.


In perfect searching the air pushing out consumed gases without blend with them and warmth exchange between them. Such framework, practically speaking, unrealistic. The basic issue with searching is ‘shortcircuiting misfortune’s and blending. Shortcircuiting misfortune is the ousting of some outside air

straightforwardly to deplete; blending happens when a little measure of fumes gets caught and blend with the crisp charge. There is dependably a warmth exchange between high-temperature consumed gases and low-temperature crisp charge.


  1. Perfect scavenging – No blending, air altogether supplant the burning items.
  2. Short-circuiting – Completely supplant fumes gas and some crisp charge escapes through the fumes port.
  3. Perfect mixing – Air enters the barrel, promptly blend with consumed gas the ousted by following wind stream.


There are for the most part three sorts of searching technique on the base of the stream of air Cross stream rummaging

1. Cross flow scavenging 
2. Reverse or Loop scavenging 
3. Uniflow scavenging


Crossflow scavenging and Reverse circle scavenging happen with the assistance of cylinder development. Cross stream searching, exchange port (bay) and fumes port are arranged on the contrary side of the barrel. The fumes gas is pushed out by cross stream. The cylinder head is intended to have a protuberance shape called diverter. The natural air enters in the motor chamber is diverted to the upward by a redirector and pushing fumes gas down the opposite side. Before circle rummaging created, every one of the two-stroke motors utilize this strategy.


Like the cross-stream rummaging, yet the channel advertisement fumes port are put a similar side of the motor chamber. The gases are urged to move circles. This kind of rummaging utilized cautiously structured exchange port (bay) to circle natural air ascend towards the barrel head on one side and drives the torched gas to the fumes port introduced simply over the channel. It has a level or somewhat domed cylinder crown. This is the most utilized sort of rummaging framework.


Uni-stream rummaging purported in light of the fact that both new charge and fumes gas move an equivalent upward way. In this technique, natural air enters from the lower side of the barrel, and it pushes out fumes through the leave valve arranged at the highest point of the chamber. This technique is utilized in huge two-stroke diesel motors.

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