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Part A: Piping Fundamentals

Chapter A1. Introduction to Piping Mohinder L. Nayyar A.1

Chapter A2. Piping Components Ervin L. Geiger A.53

Chapter A3. Piping Materials James M. Tanzosh A.125

Chapter A4. Piping Codes and Standards Mohinder L. Nayyar A.179

Chapter A5. Manufacturing of Metallic Piping Daniel R. Avery

Chapter A6. Fabrication and Installation of Piping Edward F. Gerwin A.261

Chapter A7. Bolted Joints Gordon Britton A.331

Chapter A8. Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe and Fittings
Richard E. Deremiah A.397

Chapter A9. Grooved and Pressfit Piping Systems

Part B: Generic Design Considerations

Chapter B1. Hierarchy of Design Documents Sabin Crocker, Jr. B.1

Chapter B2. Design Bases Joseph H. Casiglia B.19

Chapter B3. Piping Layout Lawrence D. Lynch,

Charles A. Bullinger, Alton B. Cleveland, Jr. B.75

Chapter B4. Stress Analysis of Piping Dr. Chakrapani Basavaraju,
Dr. William Saifung Sun B.107

Chapter B5. Piping Supports Lorenzo Di Giacomo, Jr.,
Jon R. Stinson B.215

Chapter B6. Heat Tracing of Piping Chet Sandberg,
Joseph T. Lonsdale, J. Erickson B.241

Chapter B7. Thermal Insulation of Piping Kenneth R. Collier,
Kathleen Posteraro B.287

Chapter B8. Flow of Fluids Dr. Tadeusz J. Swierzawski B.351

Chapter B9. Cement-Mortar and Concrete Linings for Piping

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Spread The Love By Sharing This..!!

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