Piping and pipeline calculations Manual

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Piping and pipeline calculations Manual

Pages: 317


Chapter 1: Major Codes and Standards 3

Chapter 2: Metric versus U.S. Customary Measurement 13

Chapter 3: Selection and Use of Pipeline Materials 21


Chapter 4: Piping and Pipeline Sizing, Friction Losses,
and Flow Calculations 35

Chapter 5: Piping and Pipeline Pressure Thickness Integrity Calculations 57

Chapter 6: Straight Pipe, Curved Pipe, and Intersection
Calculations 85

Chapter 7: Piping Flexibility, Reactions, and Sustained
Thermal Calculations 119

Chapter 8: Pipe-Supporting Elements and Methods
Calculations 145

Chapter 9: Specialty Components 161

Chapter 10: High-Frequency versus Low-Frequency
Vibration Calculations 181

Chapter 11: Occasional Loads Calculations 199

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