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Mechanism Design for Robotics

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Mechanism Design for Robotics

Pages: 468


Busker Robot: A Robotic Painting
System for Rendering Images into
Watercolor Artworks

A Simple and General Closed-Form Method
for Direct Kinematics of Mechanism-Based
on SOC Modeling

Development of LARMbot 2, A Novel
Humanoid Robot with Parallel Architectures

A Two-Step Algorithm for the Dynamic
Reduction of Flexible Mechanisms

A Variable Stiffness Robotic Arm Using
Linearly Actuated Compliant Parallel
Guided Mechanism

Development of a Sensing System for Zero
Gravity Simulation Using a Robot Manipulator
to Test Antenna Reflector Unfolding
in Satellites

Underactuated Finger Behavior Correlation
Between Vision System Based Experimental
Tests and Multibody Simulations

Unified Pose Parametrization for 1T2R
Parallel Manipulators

Synthesis of Cartesian Manipulator of a Class

A Modular Cable-Driven Surgical Robot
with a Safe Joint Design

A Novel Kinematic Model of Spatial Five-Bar
Linkage PPSPS for Testing Accuracy
of Two-Axis Moving Table with Ball-Bar

Dynamic Modeling of Flexural Beams
with Combined Loads in Compliant

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