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Mechanics of Machines

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Mechanics of Machines

Pages: 645


Mechanics of Machines is designed for undergraduate courses in kinematics and dynamics of machines.

It covers the basic concepts of gears, gear trains, the mechanics of rigid bodies, and graphical and analytical kinematic analyses of planar mechanisms.

In addition, the text describes a procedure for designing disc cam mechanisms, discusses graphical and analytical force analyses and balancing of planar mechanisms, and illustrates common methods for the synthesis of mechanisms.

Each chapter concludes with a selection of problems of varying length and difficulty.

SI Units and US Customary Units are employed. An appendix presents twenty-six design projects based on practical, real-world engineering situations. These may be ideally solved using Working Model software.

A CD-ROM, included in every copy of this book, contains virtual moving models of a wide range of machines, including engines, meshing gears, cam mechanisms, intermittent motion mechanisms, pumps, shaft couplings, locks, braking systems, threaded connections, and a synchronizer.

Most of these models are three-dimensional and allow the user to highlight a component or process of interest as well as alter both the point-of-view and zoom during the simulated motion.

In addition, icons in the book’s margins enable the reader to readily identify the corresponding files on the CD-ROM.


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