MATLAB Control System Engineering

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MATLAB Control System Engineering

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MATLAB is a platform for scientific calculation and high-level programming which uses an interactive environment that allows you to conduct complex calculation tasks more efficiently than with traditional languages, such as C, C++ and FORTRAN. It is the one of the most popular platforms currently used in the sciences and engineering.

MATLAB is an interactive high-level technical computing environment for algorithm development, data
visualization, data analysis and numerical analysis. MATLAB is suitable for solving problems involving technical calculations using optimized algorithms that are incorporated into easy to use commands.
It is possible to use MATLAB for a wide range of applications, including calculus, algebra, statistics, econometrics, quality control, time series, signal and image processing, communications, control system design, testing and measuring systems, financial modeling, computational biology, etc.

The complementary toolsets, called toolboxes(collections of MATLAB functions for special purposes, which are available separately), extend the MATLAB
environment, allowing you to solve special problems in different areas of application.


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■Chapter 1: Introducing MATLAB and the MATLAB Working Environment

■Chapter 2: Variables, Numbers, Operators and Functions

■Chapter 3: Control Systems

■Chapter 4: Robust Predictive Control

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