MATLAB Codes for Finite Element Analysis

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MATLAB Codes for Finite Element Analysis

This book intend to supply readers with some MATLAB codes for finite element analysis of solids and structures. After a short introduction to MATLAB, the book illustrates the finite element implementation of some problems by simple scripts and functions. The following problems are discussed: • Discrete systems, such as springs and bars • Beams and frames in bending in 2D and 3D • Plane stress problems • Plates in bending • Free vibration of Timoshenko beams and Mindlin plates, including laminated composites • Buckling of Timoshenko beams and Mindlin plates The book does not intends to give a deep insight into the finite element details, just the basic equations so that the user can modify the codes

. The book was prepared for undergraduate science and engineering students, although it may be useful for graduate students. TheMATLABcodesofthisbookareincludedinthedisk.Readersarewelcomed to use them freely. The author does not guarantee that the codes are error-free, although a major e?ort was taken to verify all of them. Users should use MATLAB 7.0 or greater when running these codes. Any suggestions or corrections are welcomed by an email to [email protected]

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Table of contents:

Short introduction to MATLAB

Discrete systems


Analysis of 2D trusses

Trusses in 3D space.

Bernoulli beams

2D frames

Analysis of 3D frames

Analysis of grids

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