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Mathematics Education: A€Critical Introduction is an exciting addition to the Critical
Introductions series. Books in the series provide critical introductions to social
studies education, math education, English education, science education, art education,
educational leadership, and more. The series is designed to offer students
who are new to these subjects in education an introduction and overview—a first
book for a first course.

These “primers,” covering the key subjects of education,
are intended to help students broadly comprehend their new field socially and
politically. While primers in the series engage with dominant liberal and conservative
views on subjects, they ask readers to comprehend dominant perspectives
of a subject area through a critical lens that focuses on social justice, power,
politics, ethics, and history. Additionally, these Critical Introductions provide students
with a new vocabulary and keyframing concepts with which to interpret
future knowledge about the field gleaned through academic study and clinical
experiences in schools.


1 What Is Mathematics? From Mathematicians to
Philosophers and Anthropologists 1

2 Initial Examinations of Mathematics Education:
Purpose, Problems, and Method 19

3 A White Institutional Space: Race and Mathematics Education 42

4 Social Class Hierarchies and Mathematics Education:
To Reproduce or Interrupt? 58

5 Rationalism, Masculinity, and the “Girl Problem”
in Mathematics Education 73

6 Putting It All Together: Intersectionality, Current
Mathematics Education Policy, and Further Avenues
for Exploration

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