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Materials and Process Selection for Engineering Design

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Materials and Process Selection for Engineering Design

Pages: 520


Introducing a new engineering product or changing an existing model involves developing designs, reaching economic decisions, selecting materials, choosing manufacturing processes, and assessing environmental impact. These activities are interdependent and should not be performed in isolation from each other. This is because the materials and processes used in making a product can have a major influence on its design, cost, and performance in service. This Fourth Edition of the best-selling Materials and Process Selection for Engineering Design takes all of this into account and has been comprehensively revised to reflect the many advances in the fields of materials and manufacturing, including:

Increasing use of additive manufacturing technology, especially in biomedical, aerospace and automotive applications

Emphasizing the environmental impact of engineering products, recycling, and increasing use of biodegradable polymers and composites

Analyzing further into weight reduction of products through design changes as well as material and process selection, especially in manufacturing products such as electric cars

Discussing new methods for solving multi-criteria decision-making problems, including multi-component material selection as well as concurrent and geometry-dependent selection of materials and joining technology

Increasing the use of MATLAB by engineering students in solving problems

This textbook features the following pedagogical tools:

New and updated practical case studies from the industry

A variety of suggested topics and background information for in-class group work

Ideas and background information for reflection papers so readers can think critically about the material they have read, give their interpretation of the issues under discussion and the lessons learned, and then propose a way forward

Open-book exercises and questions at the end of each chapter where readers are evaluated on how they use the material, rather than how well they recall it, in addition to the traditional review questions

Includes a solutions manual and PowerPoint lecture materials for adopting professors

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