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Manual for Reusable Parts of Komatsu Bearings

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Manual for Reusable Parts of Komatsu Bearings

Pages: 50


Bearings Introduction

Representative Bearing Failures

Flaking, Seizure, Fretting, Dent, Nick, Creep, Pitting, Smearing, Rough Surface, Arrange Peel, Failure Signs and Diagnosis for Reuse, Use Again, Failure Degree, Outer Race, Failure Sign

Discoloring, Fretting, Do not Use Again, Failure Signs, Discoloring, Fretting, Causes, Nicks, Use Again Only Under Moderate Loading Condition, However, Criteria for Each Failure Sign are As Follows, Foreign Substance Entered Into Bearing, Do not Use Again, Inner Race, Orange Peel, Balls and Cage, Discoloring, Abrasion Flow, Contaminated Lube Oil

Contaminated Lube Oil, Foreign Substances Entered Into Bearing, Lack of Lube Oil, Failures and Their Causes, Failure Times and Their Causes, Erroneous Bearing, Improper Handling, Part Failure, Failure Due to Lubricant, Faulty Sealing Part, Erroneous Bearing Selection, Improper Radial Clearance, Unacceptable Combination of Bearing Parts

Improper Handling or Installation of Bearings, Impacts During Handling, Careless Heating, Parts Failures Other Than Bearings, Insufficient or Excessive Interface Fit, Imperfect Cylinder of Fitting Surfaces,

The roundness of Fitting Surfaces, Fitting Surfaces not Perpendicular, Lack of Uniform Contact of Fitting Surfaces, Nicks on the Fitting Surface, Failures Due to Lubricant, Improper Supply of Lubricant, Mixed Lubricants, Faulty Sealing Parts

Bearing Basics, Types of Bearing, For Radial Loads, Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearings, Self-Aligning Ball Bearing, Cylindrical Roller Bearing, Needle Bearing, Flexible Roller Bearing, For Thrust Load, Thrush Taper Roller Bearing, For Combinated Loads, Angular Ball Bearing, Magnet Bell Bearing, Duple Row, Taper Roller Bearing, Nomenclature, Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearing, Outside Diameter Surface, Outer Race, Balls

Inner Race, Inside Diameter, Race, Cage, Side Faces, Outer Race, Cylindrical Rollers, Collar, Inner Race, Collar Face, Taper Roller Bearing, Self-Aligning Spherical Roller Bearing, Bearing Characteristics, Rise in Temperature, Pre Load

Bearing Lubrication, Effects of Lubrication, Minimizing Wear Reducing Friction, Transfer or Removal of Heat, Maximizing Service Life, Rust Prevention, Prevention of Infiltration By Foreign Substances, Lubrication Methods

Grease Lubrication, Oil Bath Lubrication, Splash Lubrication, Circulation Lubrication, Oil Mist Lubrication, Bearing Service Life, Preventive Maintenance…

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