Machine Learning For Dummies

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Machine Learning For Dummies

Pages: 435

Contents at a Glance:


Part 1: Introducing How Machines Learn

CHAPTER 1: Getting the Real Story about AI . 9
CHAPTER 2: Learning in the Age of Big Data . 23
CHAPTER 3: Having a Glance at the Future

Part 2: Preparing Your Learning Tools

CHAPTER 4: Installing an R Distribution . 47
CHAPTER 5: Coding in R Using RStudio. 63
CHAPTER 6: Installing a Python Distribution . 89
CHAPTER 7: Coding in Python Using Anaconda. 109
CHAPTER 8: Exploring Other Machine Learning Tools. 137

Part 3: Getting Started with the Math Basics

CHAPTER 9: Demystifying the Math Behind Machine Learning. 147
CHAPTER 10: Descending the Right Curve. 167
CHAPTER 11: Validating Machine Learning. 181
CHAPTER 12: Starting with Simple Learners

Part 4: Learning from Smart and Big Data

Part 5: Applying Learning to Real Problems

Part 6: The Part of Tens


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