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JEE Advanced Mathematics Syllabus

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JEE Advanced Mathematics Syllabus

Pages: 1017

JEE Advanced Maths syllabus is usually prescribed by the exam conducting authority for that particular year. The authority has already released the syllabus for maths and the chapters covered in maths are focused primarily on the conceptual application of formulas, theorems, and derivations.

This section in the question paper demands a lot of practice and preparation, therefore, candidates should master all the key concepts and clear any doubts before the final examination. As per the notification released by the conducting authority, JEE Advanced Maths syllabus is the same as the last year.


Unit 1 Algebra

Unit 2 Trigonometry

Unit 3 Vectors

Unit 4 Differential Calculus

Unit 5 Integral calculus

You can download this book from the first link on website comments Like this photo.

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