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Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

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Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Pages: 372


Part I Materials, Design and Manufacturing

1 Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials: Relevance
in Design and Manufacturing .

2 Analysis and Material Selection of a Continuously Variable
Transmission (CVT) for a Bicycle Drivetrain

3 Coin Minting

4 Gradation, Dispersion, and Tribological Behaviors of
Nanometric Diamond Particles in Lubricating Oils

Part II Thermal Engineering

5 Basics and Applications of Thermal Engineering

6 Alternate Fuels for IC Engine

Part III Robotics and Automation

7 Robotics: History, Trends, and Future Directions

8 Computer Vision in Industrial Automation and
Mobile Robots

Part IV Advanced Machining
9 Advanced Machining Processes

10 Comparative Assessment and Merit Appraisal of
Thermally Assisted Machining Techniques for Improving
Machinability of Titanium Alloys.

11 Smart Machining System Using Preprocessor, Postprocessor,
and Interpolation Techniques

12 Comparison of Non-conventional Intelligent Algorithms
for Optimizing Sculptured Surface CNC Tool Paths

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