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Introduction to aircraft structural analysis

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Introduction to aircraft structural analysis

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During my experience of teaching aircraft structures, I felt the need for a textbook written specifically
for students of aeronautical engineering.

Although there were a number of books available
on the subject they were either out of date or too specialized in content to fulfill the requirements
of an undergraduate textbook. With that in mind, I wrote Aircraft Structures for Engineering

After a period of years, users of that text commented that a briefer version of the book
might be desirable particularly for programs that did not have time to cover all the material in the
“big” book.

That feedback, together with a survey carried out by the publisher, resulted in An Introduction
to Aircraft Structural Analysis designed to meet the needs of more time-constrained courses.

To this end the chapter on “Vibration of structures” was removed from the “big” book together with
the sections on “Structural and loading discontinuities” and “Aeroelasticity.”

The reader interested in
learning more on these topics should refer to the “big” book. Also, in the interest of saving space, the
appendix on “Design of a rear fuselage” was omitted but is available for download from the book’s
The publication of a third edition has enabled me to include more worked examples and end-ofchapter
exercises of an essentially practical nature and also to extend the work on composite materials
and structures to a consideration of multi-ply laminates.

In this the method of specifying different
ply lay-ups is included together with the effects of symmetry and reinforcement orientation. The calculation
of equivalent elastic constants is presented for the case of in-plane loading only since this is
normally the situation in the thin skins of aircraft structures. The calculation of the distribution of
stresses across the thickness of a laminate is illustrated by an example and the strength of laminates
investigated using the maximum stress theory.

Finally, the publication of a third edition has enabled me to review the text and correct the printing
errors, mainly in cross-referencing, which had, unfortunately, crept into the second edition.

Chapter 1 Basic elasticity

Chapter 2 Two-dimensional problems in elasticity

Chapter 3 Torsion oj solid sections

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