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Geothermal power plant utilizes aqueous vitality of the earth for warming and additionally power creation. What is this aqueous vitality asset? So it is a vitality source which has both water and warmth, the warmth underneath the earth (magma) is utilized to warm the water present inside the earth. The aqueous assets are convey to the surface of the earth by dry wells and high temp water wells. The temperature that is required for the working of GTPP is 149 to 371 C (300 to 700 F). The heated water initially conveyed to the surface and afterward it is changed over into steam; the steam is then strikes on the turbine cutting edges and turns it. Generator is combined with the turbine shaft, so it additionally turns with the turbine and produces power.

On the off chance that we talk in flow circumstance than geothermal power is utilized in 24 nations and geothermal warming is being used in 70 nations.

Working Principle of Geothermal Power Plant

The magma warms the water present inside the earth and builds its temperature more noteworthy than 182 degree Celsius. This boiling water from the earth is channeling to the surface of the earth through heated water wells. The steam from the high temp water is isolated and made it to strike on the turbine sharp edge and it begins pivoting. A Generator is coupled to the turbine additionally begins pivoting and creates power.


The Geothermal power plant which is in working is of three sorts

  1. Dry steam control plant
  2. Streak steam control plant
  3. Double cycle control plant
  4. Dry Steam Power Plant

In dry steam control plant, coordinate steam from the geothermal repository is utilized to turn the turbine and generator to create power. The temperature of the geothermal steam required in this plant is atleast 150 degreee Celsius.

  1. Streak Steam Power Plant

In glimmer steam control plant, high weight boiling water from somewhere inside the earth is taken out and gathered in a steam separator. This high weight boiling water rises to the top by its very own and its weight keeps on reductions as it moves upward, this enables heated water to gets converter into steam. Steam gets isolated in steam separator, and permitted to turn the turbine generator. At the point when the steam cools, it is again infused over into the earth surface to be utilized once more. These days the greater part of the geothermal power plants utilized are of blaze steam plants. This power plant requires a temperature of atleast 180 degree Celsius for its task.

  1. Twofold Cycle Power plant

In twofold cycle control plant, the warmth of high temp water is exchanged to another fluid (called as optional fluid). The warmth of high temp water makes another fluid change into steam and afterward this steam is utilized to turn turbine. It is the latest created control plant which might be worked at least temperature of atleast 57 degree Celsius. The auxiliary liquid (i.e. another fluid) utilized in this twofold cycle geothermal power plant has much lower breaking point than water. It takes a shot at both Rankine and Kalina cycle. The warm productivity of this power station is relied upon to be lie in the middle of 10-13%. This power plant is called as paired, since here we are utilizing two fluids (boiling water and auxiliary fluid) for its working.

Principle Components of Geothermal Power Plant

  1. Aqueous assets: It is a source which has both warmth and water. In the earth outside we have both water and warmth (magma).
  2. Dry or boiling water wells: These are the wells through which the dry steam and high temp water from the earth is taken out. In the event that dry steam is taken out than it is called as dry steam well and if boiling water is taken out through it than it is called as heated water well.
  3. Steam Separator: It is an isolating gadget which is utilized to isolate steam from high temp water.
  4. Turbine: It is turning gadget which changes over the dynamic vitality of the quick moving steam into rotational vitality (i.e. Mechanical vitality).
  5. Generator: It is coupled to the turbine shaft and changes over mechanical vitality of the turbine into electrical vitality.
  6. Steam Condenser: It consolidates the fumes steam from the turbine and changes it to water.
  7. Infusion Well: It is the well which is penetrated in the earth to infuse the consolidated water again into the earth outside layer.

Working standard

  • The hot magma present inside the earth warms the water present in the earth. The temperature of the water increments upto 182 degree Celsius and considerably more.
  • The hot high weight water, because of its own weight moves upward in the boiling water well. As the water ranges to the surface of the earth, its temperature increments and a portion of the high temp water changes to steam.
  • This heated water is gathered in the steam separator. The steam separator is a holder of low weight where the greater part of the high temp water gets changed over into steam and rest will be independent out as water.
  • The steam created in the steam separator is permitted to strike on the cutting edges of the turbine. As this high weights steam strikes the sharp edges of the turbine, it begins turning. The generator combined with the turbine likewise pivots and power is created.
  • The fumes steam from the turbine which has low weight sent to the low weight turbine where it is additionally used to deliver power.
  • The fumes steam is than goes into the condenser where it gets changed over into water.
  • Finally the water from the steam separator and condenser is gathered together and sent back to the ground through infusion well to reuse it again for power age.

Focal points

  1. It requires no fuel for its working.
  2. It requires insignificant land and new water.
  3. Geothermal power is a reasonable wellspring of vitality.


  1. The liquid taken out from profound earth contains blends of gases, for example, Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4) and Radon (Rn). On the off chance that these gases is discharged, it will add to an Earth-wide temperature boost, corrosive rain, Radiation and harmful smell.
  2. It requires outflow control framework to decrease the fumes that might be create shape acids and unstable synthetic concoctions.
  3. The high temp water taken out from the geothermal sources is hold in an answer which may contain hints of harmful synthetic substances like mercury, boron, arsenic, antimonny and salt. at the point when water cools these lethal synthetic compounds leaves the arrangement and can in charge of the ecological harm whenever discharged.
  4. Geothermal power plant built at the site may unfavorably influence arrive solidness.

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