Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Terms

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Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Terms


Table of content:-

1. General 2. Materials 3. Material Properties

4. Processes 5. Machines and Devices 6. Machine Components and Attachments

7. Tools and Cutters 8. Instruments and Gauges 9. Casting 10. Welding

11. Heat and Surface Treatments 12. Mechanics of Machines 13. Material Handling

14. Friction, Lubrication and Bearings 15. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer 16. Fuels and Combustion 17. Steam Boilers

 18. Steam Engines and Steam Turbines 19. Gas Turbines 20. Internal Combustion Engine Parts 21. Spark Ignition Engines 22. Compression Ignition Engines 23. Two Wheelers

24. Automotive Vehicles 25. Air Compressors 26. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

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Spread The Love By Sharing This..!!

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