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Gear drive systems: design and application

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Gear drive systems: design and application

Pages: 500


Types of Gear Drives: Arrangements, Tooth Forms
Physical Arrangement Gear Ratio Torque Loading Efficiency
Space and Weight Limitations Physical Environment References1

Gear Tooth Design 21

The Involute Curve Gear Tooth Definitions Gear Tooth Generation

Gear Teeth in Action Rolling and Sliding Velocities Helical Gears
Internal Gears Measurement Over Balls or Wires Engineering
Drawing Format Spline Design References
Tooth Loads Strength Rating Bending Stress Rating

Durability Rating Compressive Stress Rating AGMA Standards
for Enclosed Drive Ratings High-Speed Gearing API Standard

Sample Rating Case Scoring Flash Temperature Index
Scoring Criterion Number Minimum Film Thickness Criterion

Shaft Rating Shaft Stresses Keyways Spline Rating References

Bearings and Seals 145

Bearings Seals References

Lubrication Systems 213

Viscosity Index Pour Point Gear Lubricants Rust- and Oxidation-Inhibited Oils Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricants
Synthetic Lubricants Lubricant Viscosity Selection Types of Lubrication Systems Pumps Filtration Coolers Oil Reservoir
Breather (Vent) Piping References

Gearbox Rating 93

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