Free Piston Engine: Working Principle And Applications

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A free piston engine is the internal combustion engine in which the crankshaft from an ordinary IC engine utilized in vehicles is expelled and the mechanical work is acquired just by the responding development of the cylinder or by some other mean.

Age of intensity is the fundamental motivation behind these sort of cylinders that can be acquired using any and all means either by the fumes gas weight that can be utilized to drive turbine or through the direct movement of the cylinder that can be utilized as an air blower for pneumatic power or by coupling the straight alternator with the moving cylinder to produce power.

Need of Free Piston Engine

As we as a whole realize that vitality can nor be made nor be wrecked yet can be changed starting with one state then onto the next and furthermore can be exchanged starting with one item then onto the next, with this learning human have created different machines to diminish human exertion, outstanding amongst other development of the human is the motor which is being adjusted from decades, one of the alteration is free cylinder motor which is concocted because of the accompanying reasons.-

  • Due to improvement of machines like turbines, blowers and so forth. It was required to discover the wellspring of vitality that can run these machines, the sources which were accessible (most regular of all is the copying of the fuel like wood, coal and so on.) required substantial setup and furthermore were wasteful because of the absence of symmetry. This issue was tackled with the innovation of the free cylinder motor in which there is a symmetrical and productive method for the change of concoction vitality into mechanical work.
  • The consuming of the fills like wood, coal and so on were causing loads of contamination because of the debasements present in them, this issue of the contamination was later explained with the presentation of the F P motor that utilizes unadulterated partially refined fuel which thus diminishes the contamination causing emanations.
  • F P motor gives application adaptability which implies it gives loads of various approaches to utilize the mechanical work delivered by the burning of fuel. This thusly makes it simple wellspring of vitality.

Because of these reasons the new idea of motor than can be utilized for various intentions was produced and named as free cylinder motor.

Principle Components

Free piston engine deals with a similar guideline on which IC engine of a car works i.e. the ignition of the air-fuel inside a shut chamber produces responding movement in the cylinder which is the gotten mechanical work. So the segments of both the motors are likewise relatively same. It is fundamentally a two stroke motor.

The main components of the F P engine are-

  • Combustion chamber or barrel Same as the I C motor an ignition chamber is the inflexible tube shaped chamber inside which the burning of air-fuel happens, and furthermore it is the lodging inside which cylinder moves.
  • Piston-It is the inflexible tube shaped piece of the F P motor that produces responding movement inside the ignition chamber because of the burning of the air-fuel blend simply like the I C motor.
  • Engine head-It is the leader of the motor the start fitting or fuel injector is connected, motor head is mounted over the burning chamber simply like the I C motor.
  • Spark attachment or fuel injector-The start plug is utilized to light the air-fuel blend and fuel injector injectects the diesel fuel amid the pressure of air which results into the ignition.
  • Bounce chamber: It is barrel with a cylinder which is interconnected with the fundamental cylinder. The fundamental capacity of the skip barrel is to put away the vitality amid extension of the F P motor and apply it to begins the pressure stroke again for the working.
  • Loading gadgets These are the gadgets that are utilized in free cylinder motor as the substitution of crankshaft of the IC motor, The choice of the heap gadget which is to be utilized relies on the required use of the F P motor . for instance

Straight alternator is combined with the cylinder of the F P motor for the age of the power.

Note – For a few uses of F P motor like the air blower, turbine pivot and so on. No stacking gadget is utilized to get mechanical work.

  • Fuel – obviously simply like an I C motor the most critical piece of a F P motor is the fuel that can be petroleum or diesel relying on the sort of F P motor utilized i.e. Start F P motor or Compression start F P motor.

The fuel (air-fuel) is the substance vitality that is scorched inside the burning chamber to create mechanical work i.e. responding movement of the cylinder.

Working of Free Piston Engine

The use of the free cylinder motor is so wide so for the better comprehension of the working of F P motor we need to examine its couple of utilizations that are-

  1. Power Generator

The power generator is the gadget that is utilized to produce power with the assistance of the F P motor as an outside wellspring of vitality, for the age of power a direct alternator is coupled as a stacking gadget with the F P motor.

The working of this power generator is as per the following-

  • The fuel enters in the burning assembly of the motor in the development stroke and gets lighted toward the finish of the pressure stroke either by the start plug (gas motor) or by pressure (diesel motor).
  • This burning of the fuel inside the ignition chamber creates high pressure beats over the surface of the cylinder which thusly delivers the responding movement of the cylinder.
  • This responding movement of the cylinder is then exchanged to the straight alternator which is utilized as the stacking gadget and is combined with the cylinder.
  • Due to the responding development of the lasting magnet joined to the associating pole of the cylinder, there is a vacillation of the attractive field takes which initiates flow and voltage in the loop and power is created that is additionally put away in the aggregator (battery) utilized in power generator for the further use.
  1. Air Compressor

It is the gadget which is utilized to pack or expands the weight of the air for the different purposes like pneumatic machines with the assistance of free cylinder motor as the outside wellspring of vitality.

For utilizing F P motor as an air blower no stacking gadget is utilized yet there is the coupling of air blower chamber with the plates which are mounted at the last part of the cylinder.

The working of F P air blower is as per the following-

  • Same as the power generator fuel enters toward the finish of the development stroke and gets lighted at pressure stroke of the F P motor individually however there is the passage of the outside air inside the air blower chamber amid the extension stroke through the gulf valve of the blower barrel.
  • Due to that burning, responding movement of the cylinder is delivered which thus packs the air inside the blower with the assistance of the seizing plate mounted at the last part of the cylinder.
  • This packed air is then taken out through the fumes valve of the blower for the further work.

Note-At end of the extension stroke, the air from the blower is go into the chamber at last part and powers the cylinder to start the pressure stroke once more.

  1. Turbine Rotation

The free cylinder motor is likewise used to turn the turbine of the turbine power generator for the creation of the power.

In this utilization of the F P motor rather than the responding movement of the cylinder, fumes weight of the motor is utilized to apply drive over the sharp edges of the turbine which thus causes revolution of the turbine.

The working of the turbine power generator that utilizes F P motor as the wellspring of vitality is as per the following-

  • The section of fuel through the gulf port of the motor happens toward the finish of development stroke of the motor.
  • After the section of the fuel gulf port closes and the pressure of the fuel because of the pressure stroke happens which thusly builds the weight of the fuel inside the ignition chamber.
  • After this pressure fuel gets touched off either by start plug (gas motor) or by pressure (diesel motor) contingent on the kind of the F P motor utilized.
  • Due to this burning of the fuel high weight drive is created which thus pushes the cylinder and the development of the gases delivered amid the ignition happens.
  • The gases extended amid the extension stroke are then depleted with the high weight through the fumes port of the motor amid the development stroke.
  • These fumes gases having high weight are blown over the cutting edges of the electric generator turbine which thus causes pivot of the turbine and the age of the power happens.

Aside from these previously mentioned applications free cylinder motor with various stacking and bouncing back gadgets are generally utilized in different machines like water driven machines, marine gadgets, aviation gadgets and so on. However, the fundamental working rule of every one of these gadgets is same i.e. responding movement of the cylinder caused by the consuming of the fuel is the mechanical yield gotten because of ignition of the synthetic substance(fuel).

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