External Combustion Engines | Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages

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We as a whole realize a engine proselytes one type of vitality to another shape, which is generally a work. The sort of motors which are commonly used to move vehicles are combustion engines.

combustion engines are the motors which consume fuel to acquire vitality and they convert that vitality into work.

Combustion engines are of two types.

Internal combustion engine and external combustion engine.

In internal combustion fuel burns inside the engine unit.

How Internal combustion engine function, it not a theme of exchange in this article. In this article we are centered around outside burning motors.

Working of external combustion engine

In an external combustion engine, the fuel is scorched outside the motor and the vitality which is acquired by the burning of fuel is then conveyed to the motor with the assistance of a warmth conveying medium.

If there should arise an occurrence of numerous motors the warmth conveying medium is water however in a few different cases it can likewise be air.

A standout amongst the most widely recognized case of outside burning is the steam motor created by incredible researcher James Watt.

In that motor steam is acquired with the assistance of warmth gotten by consuming coal. The steam at that point sent to a motor where its weight vitality gets changed over into work. The motor that was utilized was utilized around then was of responding type.

These sorts of responding outside burning motors are not being used at this point. They have been completely supplanted by interior ignition motors. The reason of the substitution was their enormous size and wastefulness. Likewise, they require a great deal of upkeep.

Responding External ignition motors can be seen effortlessly in different historical centers today.

The appropriate response is actually no, not all the outer ignition motors are out of date. Indeed, a considerable lot of them are extremely mainstream today.

A standout amongst the most well known case of outside ignition motor today is steam turbine. A steam turbine is an outside burning motor which consumes steam and changes over its vitality into helpful work. Since the steam is created some place outside the turbine (which is a motor) it is known as outer burning motor.

In the greater part of the power plants on the planet steam turbines are utilized to create power. The reason of their notoriety is that since they are outside burning motors so they don’t have anything to do with the kind of fuel which is utilized to change over water into steam. All the steam turbines require is great quality steam.

The assortment of fuel which can be utilized to create steam in steam turbine is huge. It tends to be coal, wood, grass straw, fluid or vaporous fuel.

Another critical sort of outside ignition motor which is utilized today is gas turbine. Working of gas turbines is like steam turbine yet the main distinction is the warmth conveying medium utilized here is air rather than steam.

Advantages of external combustion engines

Any sort of fuel that is accessible can be utilized

  • Since power isn’t created because of explosion of fuel consequently less commotion is produced.
  • Motor outflows are likewise low
  • Extremely sparing for colossal power age

Disadvantages of external combustion engines

  • Not reasonable for low load necessities
  • Spillage of working liquid
  • Grease utilization
  • Size of motor is moderately enormous
  • By and large working temperature is high so incredible consideration and exceptional building materials are required

Types and Applications of external combustion engines

Steam motors: Locomotive, Marine

Stirling Engines: Experimental space vehicles

Steam Turbines: Power, Large Marine

Shut Cycle Gas Turbine: Power, Marine

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