Engineering Mechanics Dynamics

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Engineering Mechanics Dynamics

Pages: 752

Table of Contents:-

The book is divided into 11 chapters, in which the principles are applied first to simple, then to more complicated situations.

The kinematics of a particle is discussed in Chapter 12, followed by a discussion of

particle kinetics in Chapter 13 (Equation of Motion), Chapter 14 (Work and Energy),
and Chapter 15 (Impulse and Momentum). The concepts of particle dynamics

contained in these four chapters are then summarized in a “review” section and the student is given the chance to identify and solve a variety of problems.

A similar sequence of presentation is given for the planar motion of a rigid body: Chapter 16
(Planar Kinematics), Chapter 17 (Equations of Motion)

Chapter 18 (Work and Energy), and Chapter 19 (Impulse and Momentum), followed by a summary and review set of problems for these chapters.

If time permits, some of the material involving three-dimensional rigid-body motion may be included in the course. The kinematics and kinetics of this motion are discussed in Chapters 20 and 21, respectively.

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